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Life in the Spirit

Ministry Outreach

Therefore, go and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit.

Matthew 28:19

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Life in the Spirit is a perfect resource to help your members grow in their relationship with the Holy Spirit. Ministries can also use Life in the Spirit as a tool to build relationships within their community through special events, outreach, ministries, conferences, fundraising and welcoming new visitors.

Life in the Spirit can maximize your impact during your outreach efforts.


Fall Festival

Fall Festival events can really impact church growth. With all of the candy, pumpkin patches and fun family games, it’s easy to overlook the most important aspect of the event—ministry. How do you minister to those who attend and start a lasting relationship so that they will remember you in their time of need?

Life in the Spirit is the perfect evangelistic tool to bring people back to your church. Customize every booklet with your church’s branding and send this easy-to-read digest-size devotional home with each family to feed them spiritually. Allow the Holy Spirit to work on their heart.

The best part is all you have to do is hand them out. When they are ready, you’re the church they will remember.


Christmas Eve Service

O Holy Night…Christmas Eve Service is the super bowl of church services all over America. You’ll be prepared for the service but how will you get these new visitors to come back and develop into members?

Make a lasting impression when you hand out Life in the Spirit to your guests. With biblical teaching articles from nationally recognized ministers, a 30-day devotional, and a compelling invitation to receive Jesus as their personal Lord and Savior, your guests will be sure to come back and thank you.

How do we know they’ll come back to you? It’s customizable for your church’s branding. Every time they pick it up, they will think of your church. Each issue is full of the Word of God and when they are hungry for more, you’re the church they will reach out to!


Easter Service

Easter Service is definitely one of the two most popular days out of the year the lost will attend church! Your sermon is ready. All the preparations and team members are in place. Here’s the big question. Will they remember you once the leave your church?

Life in the Spirit was created to help churches make a lasting impact on visitors. Easily customize each teaching devotional with your churches branding. Make sure that each family receives one before they leave. Every time they read these devotionals, which are full of the Word of God, they will be reminded of your church and how to get in touch with you.

Don’t limit the power of Easter service to only introducing the lost to Jesus. Let Life in the Spirit help you feed them spiritually until the Holy Spirit walks them back through your doors.

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Outreach Events

Outreach events come in many forms and fashions. Most churches conduct outreach events, but they don’t always do a great job with follow up. At times, it’s quite difficult to get their contact information while you’re ministering.

Thankfully, Life in the Spirit can help! In fact, it’s the perfect supplement to your time of ministry. Each booklet should be branded with your churches information. As they read, they will find an invitation to receive Jesus, life transforming articles, and a 30-day devotional. Whether they give you their contact information or not, when they are ready to reach out, they will have everything they need to find you again!

Life in the Spirit can maximize your impact during your outreach efforts. Your church will continue to feed them spiritually long after the event.

Personal Evangelism

Are you on fire for God? Are you passionate about the gospel? Do you have a desire to start a personal ministry or promote a ministry that you currently involved with?

Life in the Spirit makes it easy for you to share God’s message with your friends, family and anyone that He asks you to share with! From learning who the Holy Spirit is to understanding how to engage in Godly spiritual warfare, Life in the Spirit is a perfect ministry tool.

We are all called to the great commission, so let Life in the Spirit help you make an eternal impact on those you come into contact with. Keep these booklets in your car, your purse, or at your work place and you’ll be ready to give someone the hope they have been looking for in Jesus!

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Small Groups Ministry

Small Groups remind us of the early church, and how easy it is to help each other grow spiritually when we’re with other believers in a more intimate setting. Life in the Spirit is the perfect catalyst to open up conversations with the important questions we all have about our relationship with God. Vetted articles from nationally recognized ministers, solid biblical teaching, and a 30-day devotional helps your small group enter into the presence of God.

Designed with small groups in mind, we recommend using one of the four-part Life in the Spirit teaching series each quarter of the year. After that year, you’ll see your average Sunday morning Christians grow into powerhouse Spiritual Warriors.


Women’s Ministry

Women’s ministry has evolved from a simple fellowship gathering to getting things done in the Spirit! If that’s your women’s ministry, or if you want that to be your women’s ministry, you’ll want to read Life in the Spirit.

This digest-size teaching series is designed to take your average Christian from knowing about God and His Holy Spirit, to becoming the powerhouse for God.

Each volume listed below includes life-transforming articles from respected authors and a devotional.

Vol 1- Encounter the Holy Spirit

Vol 2- In His Presence

Vol 3- Holy Spirit Baptism

Vol 4- Spiritual Warfare



Men’s Ministry

Men’s ministry is much more than watching a Sunday afternoon football game. Men are the leaders of their homes. When men stop feeding on the Word of God and materials that can help iron sharpen iron, their leadership is weakened. They need tools and resources to help them stay sharp.

Life in the Spirit is a four part teaching series designed to take the men in your church from simply attending to leading their families into a stronger relationship with God. The truth and power of God’s Word can change any situation or circumstance. With Life in the Spirit and the Word of God, men can become the spiritual warriors they were meant to be.

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Conferences / Concerts

Conferences and Concerts take a lot of work and preparation. In most instances, one of the last details to finish is filling the attendee “goody” bags.

Give them something that will point them back to your ministry, leave them impacted forever in their relationship with God, and give extra credibility to your ministry! Give them Life in the Spirit.

Life in the Spirit is a digest-size spiritual teaching series that you can customize with your ministry’s branding to point conference attendee’s back to you! With respected authors like Joyce Meyers, Bill Johnson and Robert Morris, Life in the Spirit will add credibility to your ministry with anyone you gift this resource to.

Ask us about our case quantity pricing, or bundle packages for your next conference or concert! You did all the work to get them to the event, now make sure they can stay in touch with you once it’s over.

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Youth Fundraising

Camps, retreats, and mission trips are all great ways for our youth to experience much needed spiritual growth. The downside is that it can be costly.

Don’t worry; we got you covered with Life in the Spirit’s Youth Fundraising Program. Youth are the future of our nation, and we want to invest in your youth group! Instead of the old bake sale, or car wash (which is exhausting), give your youth group an opportunity to share solid biblical teaching with others as they offer Life in the Spirit bundles for a donation.

The next time your senior pastor says to you, “how are you going to fund that?” You can say, “Life in the Spirit.”

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Visitor Welcome Kits

Visitors are the life-blood to your church and future growth. Most churches work extremely hard to get a new visitor into the church. First impressions are so important. What are you giving them to show that you have the answers they are looking for?

Life in the Spirit is a resource that should be included in your welcome kit. Whether they give you their contact information or not, don’t let them leave your church without giving them yours. Customize each booklet with your churches information including website and phone number. Let the Holy Spirit work on their heart and when they are ready, they’ll have what they need to come back or reach out to you.

Life in the Spirit is an 84-page, full color teaching devotional that will feed them spiritually until they are ready to take action again.

You did all the work to get them into your church. Send them home with spiritual nourishment until the Holy Spirit leads them back through your doors again.

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